You have a one-of-a-kind idea for a physical product?
You want to bring your idea to life and be able to hold your prototype in the palm of your hands?
You need eye-catching visuals to impress and convince your investors?

From Idea to End-Product

Modern technology has made the process from first drafts to end product significantly simpler in this day and age. With the help of today's current software, your ideas can be developed into a 3D model. The sky is the limit when it comes to possible characteristics for your design. The 3D model is then quickly and easily manufactured into a physical prototype through 3D print technology.

CAD Construction and Design

My name is Tim Fonshell, 

Engineer (Bachelor of Science)


Beginning with my studies as an engineer, I experienced a strong focus around CAD construction. Using this method to quickly and easily bring life and form to concepts has fascinated me ever since, and has also developed into a true passion.

During my studies I also had my first exposure to additive manufacturing, otherwise known as 3D printing. With this fascinating technology, a 3D model can be turned into a reality within a short timeframe. After a while I of course had to acquire my own 3D printer, and since then I have been accumulating valuable experience in this field. 

Prototype Design and More

Do you have an idea or concept that you need developed for your company, job, or everyday use? 
I look forward to developing individual and creative designs for you. Here are a few interesting examples of my work:

Free Form Design

With today's current free-form technology it is possible to produce any desired shape or form with zero limitations. This is especially beneficial when planning a product with a particularly elegant design.


With the use rendering, the lighting and reflection of a design is precisely calculated in order to produce a hyper-realistic image of the design. This is an ideal feature when requiring a convincing presentation of your product.

Generative Design

The construction process will at this point be taken over by an algorithm. The project item will be calculated for optimal payload in the case of loading conditions. Even the manufacturing process will be factored in during the construction.

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